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#@*&%^# SNOW SALE!

For those who have peeked outside, it's not hard to see that the weather has been crap and getting around on our motorcycles is a wee bit messy. ADRENALIN has been either closed or very quiet through all of this nonsense so to get back on track and to motivate our wonderful customers and members we're proud to announce we're having a deep discount sale until February 23! Everything in stock excluding motorcycles is on sale for an amazing 35% off. Yes you read that right, 35% off gear, helmets, clothing, accessories, tires, you name it. For best selection harness up the huskies and get down to the shop.
Fortune favours the brave!

*Consignment motorcycles excluded



Service Specials

Adrenalin Co-op Members

Adrenalin Motorcycle Co-op members receive discounts off the shop rate, all parts and materials. In addition, free tire changes and great savings on gear, clothing and accessories. Please contact us for more details.

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